Organic music made using a pencil, a voice, ethnic instruments & percussions, guitars, bass, a drum kit, electronic effects and field recordings.

Since 2018, Belgian-Portuguese composer thds has released music on record labels such as Akumandra (New York), Bar 25 (Berlin) and Sol Selectas (Los Angeles) and performed with his instruments and voice at respected clubs such as Claire (Amsterdam), Monsieur Mouche (Paris) or Klein.Garten (Istanbul).


  • “In Paris” with Dübelu on Bar 25 (Berlin, DE), Nov 2019
  • “Two Sides of the World EP” on Tropical Twista (São Paulo, BR), Sep 2019
  • “Lidjeu” on Summer Sol IV by Sol Selectas (Los Angeles, USA), June 2019
  • “Luik EP” on Echoes From Venus (Zurich, CH), July 2018
  • “Couteau” on Summer Sol III by Sol Selectas (Los Angeles, USA), June 2018
  • “Panacea EP” on Wanderlust Musica (Belgrade, RS), June 2018
  •  “Walonreye” on Akumandra (New York, USA), March 2018
  • “Peace Green” on Lump Records (Mexico, MX), September 2017