thds is a teamwork between Belgian-Portuguese vocalist-multi-instrumentalist ‘Raoul’ and Belgian-Colombian vocalist-percussionist ‘Pierre’. Despite growing up in an isolated Jesuit forest school, they did not get along together at first, because of a girl… Happily, they rapidly discovered their shared obsession with music and thus developed a prolific brotherhood while joining various bands and exploring genres.

thds started in spring 2017 with a documentary video about their childhood city of “Liege”. Then they progressively gained international interest with releases tinged with their bittersweet vocal harmonies, warm melodies and eclectic grooves.

Being influenced by their own cultural roots, they blend ethnic and acoustic instruments in an organic and colorful downtempo feel. They’re not DJ/producers with an interest in non-electronic sounds, but are more like acoustic musicians, experimenting with electronic music. In quest of always more sincerity and simplicity, the duo puts a musical effort into reducing superficiality to its profound quintessence: nature.


  • “Luik EP” on Echoes From Venus (Zurich, CH), July 2018
  • “Couteau” on Summer Sol III by Sol Selectas (Los Angeles, USA), June 2018
  • “Panacea EP” on Wanderlust Musica (Belgrade, RS), June 2018
  •  “Walonreye” on Akumandra (New York, USA), March 2018
  • “Peace Green” on Lump Records (Mexico, MX), September 2017